Lamborghini’s New Mystery Model

Lamborghini often posts mysterious hints to tease new models. Recently, the new hypercar announcement is no different. Rumors and speculations within the auto industry have long suspected the company of working on an electric vehicle. Given the specifics of the trailer and Instagram posts, many Lamborghini enthusiasts think that the hybrid may finally be ready. It is incredibly difficult to create a hypercar with electric or partially electric engine components, as they don’t always generate the requisite horsepower. Nonetheless, if Lamborghini has been able to do it, their official announcement of the vehicle will be ground-breaking.

On Instagram, the company released a cryptic trailer. In the final frame, an underlit model is shown. Only the futuristic front lighting elements are shown. The backdrop is a yellow beam of light, a beam that looks suspiciously like electricity. While some fans speculate that this may just been a re-release of an existing Lamborghini model, others are convinced that this is an electric car. Several insider reports detail the proposed spending and investments of the company. Investing in electric and low-emission vehicles is currently more profitable than creating newer versions of existing Lamborghinis. This provides credibility to the predictions of an electric vehicle.

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