Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit Compensates Thousands Of Women


It seems that every product that is used by consumers today have the potential of causing some type of cancer. From much of the food that people eat or drink to the cosmetic products that they use. Even outdoor gardening products have claims against them for causing health issues such as cancer, or other illness. It has gotten to a point where precautionary measures must be taken with many everyday products. There is much skepticism when it comes to trying new and experimental products. The constant flow of advertisements that speak out against certain products is causing an influx of confusion for many people.

The Johnson and Johnson company has a lawsuit against them that claims that their talcum powder causes cancer in some of it’s users. The talc powder cancer is said to be an ovarian cancer with talcum powder at the root of origin. The lawsuit claims that the Johnson and Johnson company sold their talcum powder without fully disclosing that it had a potential cancer risk. Women who have used this product and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, borderline mucinous tumors, or borderline serous tumors may be eligible for compensation of significant monetary value.

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