Sega Genesis Mini- Good Things Come in Little Sizes


With Nintendo monopolizing the ‘classic’ console market (with the exception of those poor quality plug and play systems), it was only a matter of time before the other big players in the industry started getting in on the action. The Genesis Mini is one answer to things like the SNES Classic, bundling a decent spattering of titles that are sure to trigger almost anyone’s nostalgia.

The good news is that Sega has decided to handle the production themselves, rather than outsource to AtGames, who were behind the train wreck that was their last attempt at a console collection. The AtGames version has issues such as inferior emulation quality, slowdown, sounds issues, and even issues with crashing. AtGames not being involved this time around definitely means the Mini is going to be pretty solid this time around. The main focus was quality and making the titles look and feel how they did on the original console.

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