Facebook Ditches Oculus Branding for Upcoming Virtual Reality Event


In 2011, the bestselling novel Ready Player One swept science fiction audiences with its vision of a virtual reality dominated future. In the book, a virtual reality system called OASIS had become a totally immersive social hub through which education, economy and employment were provided. Concurrently, the physical world fell deeper into an impoverished, totalitarian mess, but let’s not get into that.

Readers were amused by the ability to become completely lost in nostalgia, exploration and fantasy. In some ways, it represented the logical continuation of the internet’s potential. In the nineties, we marveled at the ability to send a near-instant piece of electronic mail around the world. Now we imagine the ability to embrace and be together, despite being in different locations. And as we face extended quarantines and the increase of remote employment, society shifting to a virtually based plane of existence isn’t as absurd as it once may have sounded.

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