The Best Indie Music Podcasts to Keep Your Tunes Fresh

Many people enjoy listening to music. While the mainstream loves their mainstream music, there is a subgenre that must be recognized. For those that enjoy independent music, discovering a new tune could be the thing that absolutely changes their world. Indie music is the ultimate triumph for musicians — it’s music that is created by devoted artists who are not signed with a major record label (and may never be). This type of music is often more creative and unique than mainstream music, and that’s why we love it.

Some love indie music because it’s not commercialized (generally speaking). The artists who create this type of music often have more control over their work, and they are not influenced by the desires of a record label or the ebbs and flows of fan interest. Because of this, indie music can be super eclectic and experimental, which can make it even more interesting to listen to.

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