Get on the Dance Floor with These Zodiac Signs

Have you noticed that there are just some people that have the ability to dance well without much effort? Well, you should know that there are certain zodiac signs that just have that innate “something” that makes them really great dancers. Dancing is an art form that some people have a natural affinity for. The following are the astrology signs that have the gift for busting a move without breaking a sweat.


Topping off the list of the best dancers of the zodiac is the ever-fluid, mutable sign of Pisces. The very traits of mutability and fluidity are what make Pisces one of the best dancers in the zodiac by far. Because Pisces is very “go with the flow,” they simply let the vibe of the music get them into the rhythm of the movement appropriate for the moment. They aren’t caught up in dancing with exacting detail per se. As a fluid water sign, it’s about feeling the music and letting the body do its thing. It is no coincidence that music is associated with the planet Neptune which is Pisces’ modern planetary ruler. So, it’s as if Pisces has this natural affinity for dance as a leisure activity as well as a trained professional. As a matter of fact, some of the best dancers have major Pisces/Neptune placements. The Pisces dancer is the one that just seems to know how to move to the music without even trying. Their flexibility allows them to adjust their movements to suit any dance style. It’s as if they have this enviable natural gift for dancing.


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