8 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for a Night at Home

If you are like many Americans, the threat of the Omicron variant has got you contemplating changing your New Year’s Eve plans. Just because you decide to keep it small at home this year, it does not mean that you still cannot have a great time. Here are a few fun ways that you can ring in the new year at home with your closest friends and family.

Pajama Party

There is no better night of the year to get cozy at home than New Year’s Eve. Stay comfortable by making the theme of cozy the focal point of your New Year’s celebration. Everyone needs to wear their favorite pair of pajamas and slippers to take part in the fun. Encourage guests to bring their favorite pillow and blanket. Pick out some movies to watch, pop the popcorn, and enjoy a night of staying cozy and comfortable. If you have young kids, consider putting sleeping bags out on the living room floor and making it a sleepover party.

In-Home Spa

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