Ranking the 7 Best Disney Pixar Movies Ever

In 1995, Disney and Pixar came together to completely change the way that animated movies are presented to audiences. Not since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 had animated films undergone such a total change. Over the years, the relationship between Disney and Pixar has provided billions of people around the globe with some of the most beloved stories and characters in the history of film. With the revolutionary CG animation base replacing the traditional 2D animation that had been an earmark of Disney movies for decades, animation suddenly came to life. Over the course of the last 25-plus years, Disney and Pixar have released dozens of movies. Here is our (completely subjective) list of the top seven.


While the sequel didn’t receive much critical acclaim, the first Cars, released in 2006 introduced us to plenty of beloved characters, most notably Lightning McQueen. The story, which revolves around Lightning’s internal struggle between seeking worldwide fame and helping out a new group of eccentric (yet lovely) friends is the classic tale of doing the right thing or seeking personal gratification. The film has an overall laid-back feel that goes from the slow-paced storyline into the animation itself. No, Cars isn’t one of the greatest animated films ever made, but it’s a fine film for what it is: a Disney and Pixar film that teaches a good story while creating some endearing character.


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