A Harvest Moon and the Chance to See the Andromeda Galaxy Highlight the September Night Skies

Break out the telescope or binoculars. September is going to provide a host of astronomical viewing opportunities that will require a bit of extra visual power in order to spot them in all of their glory. While it was Jupiter and Saturn appearing alongside each other in the sky that stole the show in August, it will be an amazing galaxy, a full moon, and the fall equinox that light up the sky during the calendar’s ninth month.

Spotting the Andromeda Galaxy

In early September, the stunning Andromeda Galaxy will set the sky ablaze with light and brightness. This galaxy is distinguished as being the biggest galaxy in Earth’s celestial area. In fact, the Andromeda Galaxy boasts twice as many stars compared to our own Milky Way Galaxy. However, despite its large size, it can often be challenging to see the features of the Andromeda Galaxy, in large part due to its distance of being 2.5 million light-years away from Earth.

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