Learn More About Your Egyptian Astro Sign!

There are several types of astrology that are currently practiced. However, did you know that there is Egyptian astrology? Egyptian astrology is similar to modern-day Western astrology except it uses the Egyptian gods and goddesses in place of the Western astrological symbols. While Egyptian astrology is not regularly practiced in modern times, it is another form of astrology that can be used to provide additional information about the self. Continue to read on to find out more about the origins of Egyptian astrology, and its comparison to Western astrology.

What is Egyptian Astrology?

In learning about Egyptian astrology, it’s important to understand that ancient astrology was not created by the Egyptians. It was first started by the Babylonians whom the Egyptians adopted their astrological system. Similar to Western astrology, Egyptian astrology is based on 12 constellations and within those 12 constellations, there are 36 decans for each constellation/zodiac sign. Each of the Egyptian decans has its own ruling planets which cover approximately 10 degrees of that particular sign/constellation. Each of the decans lasts for about 10 days which covers the whole 360 degrees of the astrological circle.

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