Who Has It In For You? Discover Your Hidden Enemies with Astrology

Enemies are a thorn in everyone’s side, and they can make life difficult. In astrology, enemies are shown from the 7th and 12th houses. Seventh house enemies are those we know about. These are the individuals we clearly know don’t care for us, so we can look out for them and either avoid them or defend ourselves if applicable. These types of enemies we can clearly see and look out for. But, what about those hidden enemies? You know the ones that you don’t even know are your enemies. The ones that seem like they are all for you but in reality, they are rooting for your downfall. These types of enemies are cloaked and can be found in the twelfth house. Continue to read on to find out more about hidden enemies and how you can identify them using astrology.

The 12th House & Hidden Enemies

Locating hidden enemies in astrology is found by looking at the 12th house in astrology. The 12th house is associated with Pisces and ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune energy cloaks or hides. It makes it difficult to really know what you’re dealing with. It is one of the reasons why intuition is so important with Neptune and Pisces energy because intuition allows people with these energies to navigate their experiences wisely. Intuition is especially beneficial when there are discrepancies due to a lack of clarity due to our misgivings or because someone is being deceitful.

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