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Colors to Suit Your Astrology Sign


If you need a boost emotionally or mentally, try color therapy. Color therapy is an excellent way to bring positive energy into your life. There are certain colors that create a specific emotional effect. Astrologically speaking, there are specific colors that resonate with certain signs. Continue to read below and find out which colors are best suited for your particular astrological makeup.

Ruled by the God of War, Aries is prompted by the color red. Red really gets Aries going. It’s one of the best colors for this fiery, forward-moving, fearless sign. The color red stimulates the blood and motivates Aries to get moving. Just think about how Aries feels when is embarking on something new. Red is energetic. It is stimulating. These are all reasons that red is one of the best colors for Aries. So, buy that red sports car, Aries! Rock that red shirt, and yes, that red lipstick does look good on you!

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