Start Your Weekend Off Right with These Delicious Omelete Recipes

Omelets are a delicious and easy way to make your weekend brunch stand out. Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, and most omelets are easy to make, no matter which fillings you choose. Whether you’re cooking for friends or want to make a special breakfast for the family to enjoy, these creative and tasty omelet recipes will make you look forward to Saturday morning.

1. Ham and Feta Omelet

This omelet is packed with flavor, and since it’s filled with cured ham, you can enjoy the taste of bacon and eggs each time you take a bite. Feta cheese adds mild flavor and creamy consistency, and you can top the omelet with chopped fresh tomatoes for presentation and to get a serving of veggies in during brunch. You can also prepare a fresh fruit salad as a side dish for a lighter brunch. Or, set up a waffle bar and let your loved one choose from ingredients that will complement the ham and feta, such as pecans, chopped apples, or candied pears.

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