After Easter: Make Use of Your Hard-Boiled Eggs in Other Dishes

Those dozen or so eggs that you dyed for Easter sure do look lovely displayed on the table, don’t they? But once Easter is over, you’re probably left with a lot more hard-boiled eggs than you probably need or even want, for that matter (try as you might to send your guests home with some as a part gift). And the idea of peeling them all and eating it them that way is just a little too boring. Well, see below for some not-at-all boring recipes to spice (and use) up your hard-boiled eggs! As a bonus, for each of these recipes, you are part of the way there in preparation and cooking since your eggs are already hard-boiled. You can actually do one of the biggest no-no’s in cooking here: skip steps!

1) Potato Salad

Vinegar or mayonnaise? Red potato or russet? The variations of potato salad are endless; it really all just depends on your particular taste. But one thing that always remains? Hard-boiled eggs, of course! This recipe takes mayonnaise, mustard, and white vinegar as its base and either white or Yukon gold potatoes can be used. Preparation is a snap, as other than boiling the potatoes, which you have already done, every other ingredient just mixes right together. Prep and cook time is pretty minimal here, but do keep in mind that it will need to chill for up to four hours. You can feed up to 10 people with this. Say goodbye to five of those hard-boiled eggs and hello to a scrumptious side dish!

2) Chicken Cobb Salad

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