Passover 2021: Prepare these Traditional Foods for the Seder

March 27 to April 4 marks Passover 2021. Also called Pesach, it commemorates when the Hebrews were liberated. Thus, it is a major holy day for the Jewish community. Most notably, the first day is marked with a large Seder and meal. It involves reciting holy verses and poems, drinking wine, eating a huge meal and relaxing in celebration. Will you be celebrating, but want a refresher on some of the best traditional foods? Check out these tasty recipe ideas to get the scoop and wow your friends and family.

Homemade Matzoh

This unleavened bread takes a prominent spot on the Seder table. This recipe is miles above commercial versions, plus, it is simple. A pasta roller, flour, olive oil, warm water and 18 minutes are all that is necessary to make a winning variation of this classic Jewish staple.

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