Celebrate Dr. Seuss Week with these Fun Recipes

The beginning of March means spring is on the horizon, but it also means that Dr. Seuss Day and Week are near. While March 2 is the day that is officially observed, the entire week is an opportunity to celebrate how transformative these books and characters were to our childhoods. It is likely that they were some of the first books you read on your own or had read to you, so there will always be a bit of nostalgia there. Recognize Dr. Seuss Day and Week with some fun, yummy treats and dishes, sure to delight children young and old. Whether your favorite book involves Horton, green eggs and ham or a famous cat, there is a recipe for you below. Find inspiration to take concepts from page to plate.

Green Eggs & Ham M&M Pretzel Buttons

A kid favorite, thanks to them being small enough to fit in tiny hands, easy to make and perfect for a party, only three ingredients are needed to put them together. Square pretzels, white chocolate melting wafers and green M&Ms are all you need. Line a baking sheet with parchment, bake for a couple minutes, let them cool and there you have it: pretzels good enough for Sam.

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