Secrets on how to make Soft, Fluffy Gnocchi

Italian recipes may seem too fancy or too difficult for the beginning or average cook to make. After all, Italian restaurants are known for being classy and not exactly cheap on your wallet. From wine to pasta to all the cheese, it can get overwhelming to know where to start. Well, we are here to tell you that it is very possible to make Italian recipes and pasta at home. Read our article to not only learn how to make gnocchi, an Italian staple, but to also use it in recipes as well. Get started today!

Recipe 1: How to Make the Best Gnocchi from Scratch

Pronounced ‘know-key,’ this dish is often mistaken for a Polish mainstay, but it is actually Italian. Usually prepared with potato, egg and flour, this pasta is tasty and better than store-bought. Cook and peel the potatoes, rice them and then add the flour. Divide up the dough, prick the pasta shapes with a fork and cook over a pot of boiling salted water. Serve them up on sauce or in soup. Delicioso!

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