Hot Cocoa Bombs are Booming this Winter


Few food trends have emerged out of the past year with such acclaim as the cocoa bomb. What started making the rounds on social media, mainly TikTok, has become a best-selling item in stores. But, what if we told you can make your own with less hassle? Get in on the ultimate trend by making these cocoa bombs. Put them in warm milk, and then watch the chocolate and the filling dissolve to make a wonderfully sweetened hot chocolate. Stir one in and prepare to be amazed. Or, give one to a friend!

1: Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bombs

To assemble these, first melt the dark chocolate in a microwave or over a double boiler. Coat a spherical mold with chocolate. In half of the bomb, add cocoa mix and marshmallows. Press the other half of the sphere down to cover. Drizzle the cocoa bomb with cookies, chocolate or even more marshmallows.

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