Vegetarian Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day: Over 10 Ideas to Use for Inspiration

As the snow begins to thaw, and the days are finally getting lighter, St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of Irish history and culture, is almost here. Regardless of whether or not you have Irish heritage, you may want to get into the holiday spirit with some delicious food. Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but are a vegetarian or would rather not eat meat? Check out these recipe ideas to get into the festive spirit on March 17, all while eating meat-free dishes.

Vegan Colcannon

Veggie mash with greens offers up a hearty meal. Traditionally made with potatoes and cabbage, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli make this gluten and soy-free dish a hit. Top with a bit of vegan butter for a salty twist, or go oil-free by using water instead of sautéing in oil. Serve alongside some hearty bread.

“Corned” Spring Vegetables

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