10 Warming Winter Vegetable Recipes To Nourish Your Body

With winter well on its way, there is no doubt that it is cold outside. Only so many cups of hot tea and cocoa, blankets and reading sessions in front of the fireplace can really warm you up. So, what are you to do, as you count down the days until warmer weather is finally an everyday occurrence? Fear no, we have a solution. Cook up some healthy dishes to warm up the kitchen, hands and stomach. Hot veggies? Yes, please! Check out the ten ideas below before you get cooking.

Recipe one: Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes

Topped with warm, creamy cheese, bacon bites, scallions and sour cream, these potatoes do not just need to be a staple on game days. These potatoes make ideal side dishes or leftovers when zapped the next day in the microwave. To fill them, scoop out about a quarter of the potato before adding the toppings in layers. Also, to make things easier, be sure you are using baking potatoes to make these.

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