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10 Soups and Stews for a long winter

Get through the winter with these ideas

With winter officially underway, some of us may be looking for ways to warm up. Yes, the snow and snowflake decorations are pretty, as is the abundance of lights, but there are only so many ‘sweater weather’ days those longing for warmer days can take. Well, luckily we have a solution: hot meals. Check out these 10 ideas for soups and stews, and delight in sharing some homemade meals with your family. We will get through the rest of the winter together. Stay warm!


Recipe One: Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini

Allrecipes user maryp says that this soup embodies ‘the best of Italian cooking,’ as it features basil, pasta, meat, onions, spices and wine in a dish. Suggestions: top with Parmesan cheese, and substitute regular sausage for spicy Italian for an extra kicky boost.

Recipe Two: Delicious Ham and Potato Soup

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