Time to Get Serious with the Sun in Capricorn

December 21, 2020, marked the official beginning of Capricorn season. It’s time to hunker down and take a serious look at our experience. It is no coincidence that the beginning of Capricorn season also marks the winter solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the shortest amount of daylight. From this point forward, the amount of daylight will increase as we head towards spring. Capricorn energy is serious, focused, and responsible, and ready to climb whatever mountains necessary to meet its goals. Use the energy of Saturn to make plans for this upcoming year and for the spring season.

Capricorn Season-Mapping Out a Plan
While Capricorn season ushers winter, this is a great time to make plans. Saturn energy does not enjoy surprises and reckless behavior. This is an energy that sets its sight on a particular goal and forms a plan to get ahead. As an earth sign, Capricorn wants to create something solid in the world. This energy desires tangible results that can be experienced with the senses.

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