20 Fun and Easy Holiday Dessert and Cookie Recipes

Favorite Holiday Recipes to Make Holiday Memories Together

Many people’s fondest holiday memories include making cookies together. Perhaps they had a special cookie that they learned to bake with their Nana or a special pie that they helped their dad bake each year. Maybe their favorite aunt always brought the best coffee cake for breakfast on Christmas morning, and memories of frosting sugar cookies with mom will last a lifetime. Keep those memories alive and make new memories together by baking some of the most amazing holiday cookies and desserts this year. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started.

1. Sugar Cookies
Would it be a holiday without decorated sugar cookies? Of course, it could be, but they sure do add a special touch. This recipe gives you tips and tricks to making the perfect sugar cookie, along with a super yummy buttercream frosting recipe. Get out the sprinkles and bake up some delicious fun.

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