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More Restrictions in the United States Due to Rising Covid-19 Cases

The United States sets a New Record for the Number of Covid-19 Infections

According to a recent report, over 121,000 infections were reported in the United States on Thursday. This beats the record of the number of daily cases recorded just 24 hours previously. Increasing numbers were reported after the record set on Wednesday for over 100,000 cases. This is the first time in the history of the pandemic the United States has reached six-figures for the number of infections reported. More than 220,000 positive tests have been reported throughout the country.

This brings the total number of new virus cases for the last week to over 660,000. As the number of cases continues to increase across the nation, more and more Americans are being hospitalized. The COVID Tracking Project has determined there are currently over 53,000 patients located all over the United States. Physicians are issuing warnings that as these numbers continue to increase, there will be more deaths following.

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