US Spending on Video Games Hits a New Record for the First Quarter

Americans that are under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic are placing their funds on video game expenses. The consumer industry for gameplay has reached a new quarterly high for the combination of the past months. Spending reached a quarterly high just south of $11 billion. This intrigue was undoubtedly paired with the fact that more people were spending long periods of time indoors. This increase was a 9% hike when compared against last year’s numbers, marking a promising sign for industry advances.

Types of Intrigue

Among the major systems of play, consoles, and computer games won the highest amount of users. Mobile games and social games were also played more frequently during these periods, spelling good news for gaming developers, application designers, and any other association tied to the video game industry. This fountain of wealth was an increase that was welcomed by companies that represent large gaming conglomerates and organizations.

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