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Quarantined? Find out how to have a Zoom Party?


There is only one solution that will make it easy for anyone looking to have meetings from abroad during such a historic time, and that’s the Zoom Video Sharing app. This app is different from other programs in the market because it can also be used on your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts. It does not matter whether you want to upload the video to YouTube or create an account to upload it. It will allow you to upload videos directly to your Facebook and MySpace accounts, which will allow you to share your latest video on these two social networking sites.

Zoom has been known as the fastest, safest, and easiest way to send files to co-workers, students, or visitors. It is the perfect app for both working from home and in meetings, because it is a video collaboration solution that lets you make audio or video presentations at any computer you work from anywhere. You can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and other sharing sites so people can watch the presentation or listen to it on their own time. And if your meeting is going to be held in the Zoom room, you can also send files and presentations to that same computer.

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