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How to Fill That Concert-Shaped Hole in Your Life During Social Isolation


It’s currently a tough time to be a music lover. Just as the warmer weather was approaching and the summer concert season was picking up steam, the Coronavirus reared its ugly head, forcing many venues to completely close down to protect public health and safety. Although it’s understandable that we all need to do what we can to safeguard ourselves and others, it can definitely leave you feeling sad and deprived of your plans. However, there are plenty of ways to get the entertainment you need from the comfort of your own home right now. Keep reading for a few of the best movies or shows to scratch that music itch you’ve got!

Almost Famous
For lovers of classic rock, this Cameron Crowe-helmed film is a must-watch. Based on his own experiences growing up in music journalism, “Almost Famous” follows around a teenage boy as he finds himself caught up in an unfamiliar and exciting world while on tour with fictional band Stillwater. This movie contains memorable new music that fits right in with the sounds of the 70s, while also featuring classic tunes from superstars like Elton John.

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