Trends of the 2020 Truck Market


There has never been a more captivating time to be shopping for a new truck. Of course, the days of a truck being a utilitarian beast of burden have long since past. However, even after trucks became a mainstream luxury staple in the American driveway, the industry was relatively stagnant. The “Big Three”, composed of Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, dominated the market, and the diversity between them was surprisingly lacking. But if you are entering 2020 looking for a new truck for your family, options are not something you will find yourself lacking.

If one had to sum up the biggest trends of the 2020 pickup-truck scene, there would be two focuses: diesel engines, and a return to smaller sizes. Until recently, it seemed that truck options in America could only follow the path of being larger and more thirsty. But the demands of the consumer have pivoted significantly. It appears that the average truck buyer has been forced to come to terms with what features they actually need in a new vehicle. While 25,000-pound towing capacities and 500 HP engines are certain niceties on paper, the novelty can wear thin when forced to live with such behemoths on a daily basis.

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