Victim of Equifax data breach? Here’s how to file a claim


A data breach that occurred at one of the largest, and most widely used credit monitoring services could mean difficult times ahead for the 147 million consumers who were affected. After the announcement about this breach by Equifax, a global settlement was agreed upon to assist with the after affects of the personal information exposure. This agreement was reached in concordance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, and all of the 50 states and territories in the United States.

Many people were not aware that this event took place, but the company wanted to ensure that everyone that they service had the opportunity to check if they were included in any mishaps concerning their personal information. An application will need to be filed by every consumer whose credit was monitored by the Equifax company. These services may not have been provided to an individual personally, but by other businesses who required a credit rating, or some other service that involved using a consumer’s personal information to obtain information.

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