Toys “R” Us is back and Set to Open a New Store in New Jersey

Struggling American toy retailer has a new announcement that it hopes will please their many existing fans as they look to the holiday season. The famous chain has has all sorts of well known problems over the years. Buyers had remained loyal to the company. At the same time, they also began to realize how much they could gain when it came to buying toys elsewhere. Retailers like Amazon and Target began to sell toys to the public in the same quantities that Toys “R” Us had been doing for many years.

Buyers took notice. They started to become aware of the toy selection at Amazon and Target. As a result of the wide selection and the even lower prices, many customers decided to switch to other retailing outlets in order to find the toys they wanted for their children. Now, the retailer is aiming to bring them back. They are poised to create yet another foray into the world of retail toys that the company hopes will draw in consumers and help them relaunch their brand to the public.

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