10 Festive Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

If you are like most families, you are already busy decking the halls of your home for the holiday season. While some people know exactly how they want their home to shine during this magical time of the year, others have a more challenging time getting inspired. If you feel as if you are lacking in creativity and ideas, be sure to check out these 10 suggestions for festive decor.

Hang Christmas Cards

Do not simply trash those Christmas cards as they arrive in the mail. Instead, consider displaying them for others to see. With so many display options these days, you do not have to settle for taping them to your refrigerator in an old-school way. Consider hanging up some fresh evergreens and attaching the cards to this greenery. You can also find specially made photo clip displays that are perfect for Christmas cards. Or tie them along a thick piece of red or green ribbon. Another fun idea is to clear an open space on the wall and arrange the cards in a Christmas tree shape.

Upgrade Your Pillows

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