American Taxpayers Feel the Heat as the IRS Experiences Refund Processing Delays

American taxpayers who are anxiously awaiting a tax refund may find themselves waiting a bit longer than normal. The IRS is dramatically behind in tax refund (insert word here), and is holding more than 29 million returns for manual processing. This means that many filers have been waiting for 6-8 weeks or longer for their returns, which in past years have arrived in 21 days or less.

Why the Delay?

This year’s tax season presented a particular problem for the IRS and its team of tax professionals. First, the 2021 federal stimulus package signed into law by the Biden administration meant that the IRS had to manage the sending out of $1,400 stimulus checks to millions of Americans. Secondly, shutdowns in 2020 meant that there was a backlog of 2019 paper returns that the IRS is still struggling to process. In addition, the decision to pull millions of returns for manual processing means that Americans will be waiting a bit longer than usual for their tax refunds this year.

The Stimulus Package Caused a Delay

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