Movie Theaters: Which States Are Opening and at What Capacity?

In 2020, nearly 5,800 movie theaters, most with multiple screens, existed in the United States. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, many cinemas across the country closed for periods ranging from weeks to months or even longer. Fortunately, US movie theaters are now starting to reopen on a widespread basis. Some are even holding elaborate reopening ceremonies as they begin showing films again. Why did cinemas close, and how are they reopening? Also, how many movie theaters are reopening– which states are open and what capacity? Read on to find out.

Why They Closed

US movie theaters in many states closed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, newly developed COVID-19 vaccines are becoming increasingly more available. Local and state governments are gradually loosening business restrictions in response, though often with social distancing and other safety measures required. Movie theaters now reopening is good news for film fans as well as theater owners.

Will Audiences Return?

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