Here’s How You can Turn Your Clutter Into Cash with the Decluttr App


Everyone’s priority list looks different, but they all have the same priority that makes the top of the list each year: money. Whether you’re in debt, find yourself spending too much, unable to save or budget or just don’t have enough of it, there is one way to ensure that you can kill two birds with one stone. Most homes have tons of clutter and not enough money.

First, you need to determine how much stuff you own and how it needs to be priced based on how old and used it may be. Is it broken? Damaged? If so, you might want to consider either fixing it up prior to selling it or mark it at a lower price. Many people are known for obtaining free items to fix just so they can sell them, which is another way to go about doing this. It also leads to hoarding, which nobody wants. Below are several things you can sell to help make more space in your home while making a profile at the same time.

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