Orange Smokey Skies Stretch Across Much of the West Coasts as Fires Burn Out of Control

Over 100 Active Large Wildfires Continue to Destroy Parts of the West Coast

An eerie orange sky blankets much of the West Coast as fires continue to burn through a record amount of acreage. According to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), there are now over 100 active large wildfires burning in the US. There have been at least a dozen confirmed deaths on the West Coast with many more people unaccounted for.

California Fires: At the latest update, there have been over three million acres consumed in this round of California wildfires. The fires are responsible for the destruction of at least 3,900 structures. Over 14,000 firefighters are now on the scene to battle the blazes that continue to put people and structure in harm’s way. Here is the latest on just a few of the biggest fires in California.

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