Ferrari will produce fewer cars to increase their value and exclusivity


Everyone loves the Maranello brand which actually leads to the current situation at hand. The company that produces Ferrari has decided to purposely assemble fewer models than the market actually calls for. The overall tactic is aimed at complete client satisfaction. The new aim is also, of course, seeking to attract new clients as well. By producing fewer cars the company will also keep the clients waiting for the delivery of their new toys. However, the wait list has never been a problem for clients. Company representatives claim that they focus on exclusivity which sometimes calls for their clients to wait a certain amount of car. Leaving time and opportunity for the clients to “dream” about their cars.

In 2018 the release of Q4 was a very thriving time for the company. The wait list was very sufficient. The manufacturer currently has about a three-year waiting list for the 812 Superfast. This car actually debuted a couple of years ago. There will also be an open-top 812 GTS edition that will be released to a select group of customers. The Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, did actually open up about a few details but still refused to provide the actual number that is being produced.

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