How the Astro Signs Party for Halloween

With the fall season in full effect, Halloween is right around the corner. We decided to have a little fun and consider how each of the zodiac signs acts at a Halloween party. Whether you’re a fiery Aries looking to compete, a grounded Capricorn seeking to keep everything under control, or a talkative Gemini wanting to connect with everyone, here is a fun, light-hearted assessment of how the zodiac signs show up at a Halloween party.

Aries-Costume Competitor

Aries, you know that you just have to be number one, and when it comes to Halloween it’s no different. We can expect you to be in the midst of some type of Halloween competition. Whether it is knowing the most Halloween trivia facts or vying for the best Halloween costume, the fact is that everything is a competition, and you’re in it to win it. Of course, it’s Halloween, so it’s all good fun.

Taurus-Eating Their Hearts Out

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