Here’s Why California Senators Urge Biden to Phase Out Gas Powered Cars

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, gasoline powered vehicles in the United States are responsible for almost one-fifth of the global warming gasses like carbon dioxide. For every gallon of gas the vehicles burn, about 24 pounds of global warming gasses are released into the atmosphere. This endangers people’s health, causes record high temperatures, severe flooding, rising sea levels and drought, jeopardizes national security and is a threat to many basic human needs. California has long been a leader in the fight to reduce pollution from vehicle emissions. The state’s two U.S. Senators are now urging President Biden to set a date for the end of sales of gas powered cars.

Asking President Biden For Help

The two California U.S. senators, Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Democrat Alex Padilla, recently wrote to newly elected President Joseph Biden pushing him to set a date after which the United States will now longer allow the sale of gasoline-powered automobiles. California’s political leaders announced last fall that no new gas-powered vehicles can
be sold in the Golden State after 2035. California’s Democratic Senators Feinstein and Padilla urged President Biden to follow the lead of California and set a date certain after which the sale of gas-powered vehicles can no longer be done anywhere in the U.S.

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