McConnell Asserts Congress is Not Leaving Until Stimulus Package Deal is Reached

ICU Situation in California Paints Grim Picture, Particularly in Los Angeles County

Despite the optimism surrounding the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, the US is still not even close to being out of the woods when it comes to containing the virus. The nation recorded 112,816 hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 on Tuesday. According to the COVID Tracking Project (CTP), this sets a brand new record. It is also the 14th consecutive day that the US has been over 100,000 hospitalizations, sending a strong signal that this pandemic is still raging.

Congress Nearing Final Deal for New COVID-19 Stimulus Package: Congress was meeting late Tuesday to try to hammer out the final details for a long-awaited COVID-19 stimulus package. Both parties are painting a positive picture regarding the latest developments, affirming their commitment to get the bill passed prior to Congress breaking for the holidays.

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