What happens if Trump refuses to accept the results and refuses to leave the White House?

The World Of Politics Gets Ready For A Wild Ride

Joe Biden has been elected the next President of the United States, but the current President doesn’t want to leave. Donald Trump promised Americans he would go to the Supreme court to stop vote counting and refuses to believe he lost the election. What will happen if he truly refuses to leave the White House?

The polls are closed. Biden has a 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 214 votes. The sitting President has stated he expects to win this election through the court. Instead of the democratic process at the polls, he will fight the battle and win in court. A similar tactic happened in the 2000 presidential election when George W. Bush won over Vice President Al Gore. The most popular votes were not exactly in his favor. The state of Florida’s votes were looked at in courts, but no one may ever know the true winner. Neither of these men running for office were fighting to overturn actual results. If the President takes this to the Supreme Court, he’s still the sitting President. This means he installed three of the nine justices judging the case.

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