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The US Hits 9 Million COVID-19 Cases Leaving The Congressional Panel to Question Leadership

Winter weather hits as the COVID-19 numbers surge across the country. The coronavirus numbers stand at nine million, according to Johns Hopkins University. This means the virus is now spreading faster than it was the first time. Friday, October 30 saw a record number of cases of 98,500 infections and 978 deaths. New cases are being diagnosed every second. Another huge number is 540,035, the number of cases recorded from October 23 to October 29. This is the most for any week since July 2020.

This surge in coronavirus cases spans across the nation. All but three of our 50 states reported more cases last week than the month before. 41 states reported more patients testing positive than the previous week. The pandemic doesn’t stop in the nation, but continues across the globe. Japan hit 100,000 infections. One-third of these infections were recorded in Tokyo. India did report declining numbers, but this was a day after it hit the eight million mark. Cases in Europe are spiking as well. New restrictions are being enforced. France is bringing back a nationwide lockdown. Germany is closing bars and restaurants.

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