Barrett Wraps Up Two Long Days of Intense Questioning

Issues at Hand During Barrett Confirmation Hearings Include the ACA and Voting Rights

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has now survived what was arguably the toughest two days of her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Wednesday’s nine-hour session in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee must have felt like a walk in the park compared to Tuesday’s grueling 12-hour session. While the length of time spent in the cavernous and largely empty hearing room was shorter, the line of questioning was nearly identical. Wednesday was another day of softballs from the Republican senators and hardballs from the Democratic side.

If confirmed as expected, Barrett will tip the power of the Supreme Court to a 6-3 conservative majority. The appellate court judge has positioned herself as an originalist when it comes to the Constitution. While she has been adamant in her beliefs that the Constitution should be interpreted in a literal sense, she has also been equally certain of her ability to keep her personal views and religious leanings out of her legal opinions.

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