First Presidential Debate: Best Described as Chaotic and Combative

Conversation Turns Angry and Defensive as Two Candidates Spar on Numerous Issues


The best words to describe what transpired in the first presidential debate are chaotic and combative. Within the first few minutes of the debate, it was obvious that it was going to be a contentious evening. President Donald Trump squared off against the Democratic candidate, former vice president Joe Biden, during the first of three scheduled debates of this election season. All of these events will culminate on November 3 in what most political pundits are referring to as the most important presidential election in American history.

Rules of the Debate: Tuesday night’s debate took place at the Health Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic. The 90-minute event has moderated by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. As the moderator, Wallace was given the honor of selecting the six topics and the questions within each subject. However, despite the best-laid plans to lead the debate in a thoughtful discussion, the event quickly turned chaotic and Wallace seemed to lose control at times.

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