E-cig Usage among Teenagers Drops in 2020 After Peaking

Teens using e-cigs less in the past year


The recent popularity of e-cigarettes has led to a large number of young people using it over the past decade. A recent study has concluded, however, the number of teens who are now using e-cigs has actually declined in the last year. In fact, 20 percent of kids in high school and 5 percent of those in middle school maintained they used e-cigarettes, which marks a downshift in usage from 2019.

These stats are courtesy of the 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey, which was done in the months between January and March. The amount of data was a bit less than previous years because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is still significant. In order to be counted as an e-cigarette user, a student would only need to use the product just once in the last 30 days.

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