RNC 2020: Day 1 had a ominous tone, Day 2 is set to bring uplifting and positive tone


The Republican National Convention (RNC) kicked off on Monday in Charlotte, NC and attempted to set the tone for the rest of the week’s proceedings meant to drum up support for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in November 2020. The RNC comes directly following last week’s Democratic National Convention, which was completely taped and served as the Democrat’s way of supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming Presidential election. The RNC featured a combination of live speeches and taped ones, while it also capped off an entire day of action from the Republican party. The first night presented speeches that focused on both the accomplishments of President Trump and also attempted to pin extensive criticism on Biden and his party.

Much was speculated in the lead up to the RNC with the lineup announced late on Sunday evening. Trump opted to assign the production of the convention to some of the people who had helped him during his time with “The Apprentice” and his other media ventures. The party had maintained that the convention would have a positive theme and would look at Trump’s accomplishments as a way to oppose the DNC tone which was seen by the GOP as a largely negative one.

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