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Various States see Spike in COVID-19 Cases among Younger Generation


The coronavirus has had its ups and downs over the past few months. However, it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated moving forward. For 2020, let us take a very close look at how the coronavirus is in a new and dangerous phase as cases hit record daily highs.

To start things off, this state is seeing a huge surge in cases. Many experts have said that this state could very well be the next hotspot for the Coronavirus. Previous hot spots such as New York and Seattle have been doing well in the past few weeks. However, things in Florida are looking grim. Day after day, the case count rises without any sign of slowing down. Because this state has many elderly inhabitants, a huge percentage of the population is at risk for infection. State officials are taking these warning signs with the utmost severity. Although a partial reopening was underway, these declarations could very well be reversed at any moment. This state is reaching dangerous levels of Coronavirus numbers that need to be stopped in their tracks. Nearby states of Georgia and Alabama are also under close watch in case the surging virus spreads to these locations.

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