Telling Aspects of Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s Zodiac Signs


The presidential election is at our doorstep. Aside from the talking points, general issues of concern, and party affiliation, there are possibly some equally important aspects to consider when selecting a candidate. Important issues at the current time can change at a moment’s notice, as we’ve recently seen with the pandemic, making it a priority issue almost overnight. The astrological signs of candidates give us a universal glimpse into knowing what to generally expect from a candidate according to his ability to deal with any issue and how he would handle it.

Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942, is a Scorpio. Scorpio is known to be in leadership positions. Of any other zodiac sign, it’s the Scorpio who has historically held governmental leadership positions throughout the world more than any other horoscope. A Scorpio is more likely to trust his own intuition rather than to value the opinions of others when making a final decision. A Scorpio is self-assured to the point where he exudes such a positive self-image that he can make a constituency feel secure that any decision he makes will be a good one. In this respect, a Scorpio can get quite a bit accomplished in a short period of time because there are fewer questions asked and less scrutiny of proposed plans than may be required of others. This self-confidence also makes Scorpios very brave. They can sometimes forge into dangerous situations without hesitation.

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