Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Just Showed Signs of Success in a Preliminary Study


As the COVID-19 continues to spread through the United States and other countries, the hard push to develop a vaccine to combat the virus has gone on a number of fronts. The biotech firm Moderna Therapeutics recently announced results of their Phase 1 trial of an experimental serum that appears to provide antibodies against COVID. A closer look offers hope for finding a vaccine that will allow the public health to be protected against this dangerous virus, so that the country can return to economic stability.

Impact of the Novel Coronavirus
Coronavirus encompasses a broad family of viruses, but this form of the virus has been particularly contagious and particularly deadly, having taken the lives of over 90,000 Americans in just a few months. Close contact with droplets from the nose and mouth appears to transmit the virus quickly. Any essential worker who must engage in frequent, close contact with others are at increased risk of acquiring the disease, bringing it back home to family and community.

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