Tesla Factory Drama Will Soon Be Resolved

Pandemic concerns have placed many counties and governing bodies under the microscope. As travel restrictions continue to apply for re-opening strategies from COVID-19 and coronavirus concern, there markets the opportunity for manufacturing companies and other regions of the industry to follow suit. Tesla has one of its major factories located within Alameda County in California. The county has been under the careful watch of the legislature that has prevented re-opening courses of action. Elon Musk defied these orders on Monday, placing his manufacturing mega-hub back open for business. Government officials were quick to act on the matter, placing preventative measures on the re-opening strategy. The result, a tyrannical rant on Twitter and multiple messages to President Donald Trump.

Musk’s Claims

Musk took to social media to vent his frustration with local government, media, and other related sources. He placed heavy statements against these organizations, drawing outrage from his followers and creating head-to-head arguments with many different sources. Most of his outrage was chronicled on social media, via a conference with Joe Rogan, and during his weekly earnings reports. He utilized many different outlets, which ultimately called for President Trump to chime into the conversation. Musk criticized legislature and rulings saying that they defied their responsibilities in favor of a continued shutdown and stay-at-home order.

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